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Dirk van de Sand

Dirk van de Sand

My name is Dirk van de Sand and I have been working since 2001 on behalf of DTEC PMP in the Shell refinery at Hamburg-Harburg.

I am involved with the R.B.I. (Risk Based Inspection) and over the years I became a team leader in that field.

My tasks consist in the inventory and the preparation of isometrics and equipment drawings, the handling and the evaluation of measured values (corrosion and remaining lifetime calculation), process engineering and corrosion engineering, inspection activities from team leadership to the administration of the R.B.I. projects. Scheduling, budget planning and management together with the supervision at Shell complete my activities.

Through various trainings and gained skills, I have been able to implement databases, to be an administrator and to give user support (especially for Office 2007/2010) for the inspection department. As integral part of my professional development, I attend training session on a regular basis .

Over the years, I got accepted and integrated in the department as well as in the refinery.

I feel very satisfied and motivated by my collaboration with DTEC PMP GmbH because of the trustworthy, reliable and friendly atmosphere and the reconnaissance of my performances.