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Michael Ograbek

Michael Ograbek

Since June 2008 I am working at DTEC PMP. I like the versatile, responsible and varied tasks which are part of my daily activity.

My first job for the company DTEC E&C led me to Magdeburg, capital of Saxony Anhalt. A float glass line producing up to 700 tons of glass daily was built in a time frame of two years. One of my main activities was the scheduling. By identifying, structuring and defining the duration all necessary activities, a bar chart is generated. This chart makes it possible to define the critical activities or sequences of activities that could endanger the time line of the project. It is an important tool for the project and site management to define forecasts and to find solutions in order to avoid or limit any delay. The time schedule is the basic tool to define the necessary resources for developing the project (budget – manpower – material – equipment and components).

After successful completion of this project, I moved to the next challenge. A float glass plant with a daily capacity of up to 600 tons was built in Hainan – China. Thanks to my good performance in the previous project, I got the chance to be nominated as a junior project manager. Despite strict rules and procedures must apply to develop any kind of project, as every project is unique, the organization, the approach, the nature of the relationships had to be adapted to the project specificity. This means that the project processes had to be customized. In the frame of this Chinese project, I developed adapted project structures and coordinated the internal scheduling and technical tasks and activities between the various project departments and, externally, with the customer. I was advising the customer when selecting suppliers and talking about the trades, to make sure that the contracted services for construction and installation were implemented as in the contract. I was coordinating and conducting the commissioning and the acceptance process of the whole float line.

In March 2013, I moved to southern Germany. At Linde AG in Munich my job is the proposal preparation in the large plant department. Similarly, construction site visits are planned in the near future.

What thrills me at DTEC PMP, beside the varied activities, is that I have the opportunity to gather cultural and professional experiences in various countries and to constantly meet new and interesting people.