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Wolfgang Krawzoff

Wolfgang Krawzoff

My name is Wolfgang Krawzoff and I have been working since 2008 for DTEC PMP in Venezuela in the frame of the consortium Ferrostaal / Toyo Engineering Corporation building there a turnkey fertilizer production plant for the state of Pequiven.

What I really like in my job is the daily new challenges, new questions: in fact, I never get bored. The conditions may change daily. Factors, such as climate or the seas, must be continuously considered in my planning and this implies a high degree of motivation and flexibility.

The daily contact with colleagues from different cultures and the responsibility as well as the reliance brought to me, make this task an unbelievably interesting job.

The deliveries and the assembly of large equipment, which may be 70 meters long and weighing up to 450 tons must be carefully prepared and planned. I am in charge of these tasks.
Considering possible repairs and the installation plans of the suppliers, I  develope schedules in order to properly coordinate and monitor the sequence and the various stages of construction.
From each department, I weekly receive the actual completion levels and progress. This is reported  in a clear form to the project management, as well as to the customers. Through this reporting, the customer has access to a continuous updated overview of the progress on the construction site.